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We support our clients in their growth-stage funding initiatives by connecting them to their ideal investors and guiding them through the fundraising process. Costa Norte & Co. is highly proficient in identifying the best sources, structures, and strategies associated with business capital. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand our clients' financial goals and provide a customized plan that helps their companies reach their goals.

Capital Raising services we provide

  • Support and preparation of materials required for fundraising 

  • Development of potential funding options

  • Identification of appropriate investors whether they’re PEs, VCs, CVCs, and family offices for your company’s stage

  • Overall management and coordination of the funding round

We advise companies in early growth stages on the best fundraising strategy and throughout the fundraising process:

1. Preparation

We begin by building a compelling story and an attractive pitch for potential investors. During the preparation stage, we create a detailed workshop to review your strategy, business model, growth plan, etc. We also prepare you for any tough questions that investors may ask. In addition, we build comprehensive fundraising strategies by identifying and profiling the right investors for your company’s unique characteristics. 

2. Roadshow 

Investor leads are sourced from our personal connections and our partners’ networks of international investors. These leads include corporate investors (CVCs), venture capitalists (VCs), private equity firms (PE), and family offices. These are pre-qualified investors that match the company’s stage, sector, business strategy, and location. We conduct a qualification process and introduce ourselves to the company’s executives for direct contact  

3. Closing the round

We're heavily involved in any and all investment negotiations and investor due diligence in order to ensure the best results for our clients. Our hands-on involvement includes providing all necessary information to investors in a timely and professional manner and advising on topics such as valuation, investment quantities, warrants and options, and board participation.

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